Professional tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, and
logging services for Seattle, Eastside and Everett area.
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Tree Trimming & Pruning Service Seattle

Weiss Tree Service provides maintenance for your, trees, bushes, and hedges, large or small.

Tree Pruning

Expert trimming of trees and hedges can increase the number of blooms and yield a higher fruit production. Pruning trees not only improves the look of your property it also improves the tree's health and enhances its overall structure.

Shrub and Bush Pruning

We are well-trained and experienced in pruning all types of shrubs and bushes, large or small.

View Trims

Maximize your view and property value by trimming and thinning trees that have grown too tall. You can trust Dave's experience and expertise to clear your view safely. Clean up and haul away of debris is included with all of our services!

E-mail or call Dave at (206) 364-1708 for an estimate.


View clearing trim before picture View clearing in progress Tree obstructing view removed
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